Essex Chanel
Some Strange Fantasy

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Taste Profiles
Soundscapes reminiscent of the seasons of Chicago pleasantly evoke Midwestern summers and hibernation-inducing winters. The songs explore life’s inevitable ups and downs, its distractions, and the disillusionment that comes with growing up and not being quite where you expected. But listeners are reminded that pockets of joy are all around: in the company of old friends, in a peaceful ride on the El train, or in a tryst with a stranger.

Tasting Notes
Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Traveling Wilburys, Dr. Dog, John Mellencamp, The Eagles, Wilco

Listen while sipping a fresh cup of medium-roast coffee. Kick back on a Saturday afternoon at home as the warm spring sun peeks in through half-drawn shades. Flavors are highlighted with a little Mary Jane. Perfect for long drives with the windows cracked.