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Love is Proximity

"Few would dispute that Wiggins has tremendous songwriting capabilities...
his choice of instruments is impressively varied and at times....
There is much to love about this album...."

- Adam Costa of D.O.A.

"Not many bands can pull off a song about skinny-dipping and have it
sound charming instead of creepy, but Essex Chanel is schooled
in all kinds of charm, filtered through frontman Travis Lee Wiggins’ vision..."

- AV Chicago

"Essex Channel captures both a sense of dense orchestration and the intimate sound of bedroom recordings...Wiggins keeps every track fresh and moving...."

- The Deli Chicago

"a sublime collection of songs full of bouncy melodie
s and charming irresistible piece of indie pop...."

- Taylor, Music For Ants

"...A -...the end result is sugary sweet, inside and out."

- Rachel Helm, Re
define Magazine

"The songs take an honest look at love, both the good and the bad aspects of it....."

- C.W.Ross,
& C.W.'s Place

"...takes a similarly sweet, melodic approach, sometimes simple and straightforward
...sometimes lush and full of instrumentation..."

- Frank Krolicki, & Windy City Rock

"We first heard Essex Chanel's 2009 album, Love is Proximity, last fall, and they immediately
went up on our radar."

-Indie Rock Cafe