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Essex Chanel - Siren - LP

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Essex Chanel - Siren

Official Release Date: 8.13.2005

  All songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, performed, and mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins.

Backing Vocals on I've Only Got A Little While - Elizabeth Drennan

CD and packaging design by Travis Lee Wiggins -

Recorded between December 2004 and July 2005 at Travis's Apartment in Chicago, IL..


1. With Red Pen
2. Siren
3. Aprodisiac
4. Happiness is Just an Illusion?
5. Under The Stars
6. Heart To Heart
7. 30 Days In An Insane Asylum
8. Sunday Afternoon
9. I've Only Got A Little While
10. Take A Walk
11. Leaving For London
12. Man w/ the Plan
13. Sweet September
14. Time Machine

The debut album of Essex Chanel and of Travis Wiggins's solo material.  At the same time he was recording Siren, Travis was in the band Fetla, recording a full length LP called So Patriotic.  Most of Travis's rock tracks went to So Patriotic, while the acoustic and softer treatments ended up here, on Siren.  Very guitar/vocal driven with some keyboards, this album was Travis's first dive into producing and recording on his own