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Essex Chanel - Spur of the Moment - EP

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Essex Chanel - Spur of the Moment

Official Release Date: 7.8.2006

  All songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, performed, and mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins.

Photography by Travis Lee Wiggins. CD and packaging design by Travis Lee Wiggins -

Written & recorded on July 8th, 2006 at Beware of Dog Studios in Chicago, IL..


1. Girl Crazy
2. Build Me A Pyramid
3. Jackie Chan
4. Red Rocket
5. Oh Shit

While working on 67 Car Commercials, Travis needed a break from the grind of making an endless supply of 30 second songs.  It was freeing to let his songwriting go and not worry about the length of a song. Travis wrote, recorded, and mixed this EP in one day.  The bass parts and synth really come out on this album, and show Travis's growth from a guitar player to a multi-instrumentalist.  The songs are lighthearted, and this EP leaves you hanging wanting much more.

Spur of the Moment & Travis Wiggins Gets Drunk were packaged together and released on CD.