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Essex Chanel - The Album is Dead
6.4.2007 - present

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Essex Chanel - 6.4.2007 - present

Official Release Date: concurrent

  All songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, performed, and mastered by Travis Lee Wiggins. Additional vocals on Love Birds by Ruth Giorango.

CD and packaging design by Travis Lee Wiggins -


Rusty Nail - released 5.17.2009
Love Birds
- released 9.27.2008 (originally released as part of a Sampler given away at Schuba's on 7.30.2008)
I'll be there (if you want me to)
- released 1.23.2008
Expiration Date
- released 11.28.2007

Fine Whine - released 11.28.2007
The day I forgot to put deoderant on - released 8.15.2007
Was it Sex, Love, or Just Plain Fucking?
- released 6.23.2007
L.A.Law - released 6.23.2007

Alone With a Cup - released 6.23.2007
Thingamajiggy - released 6.4.2007
The Real World - released 6.4.2007
One Thousand Years - released 6.4.2007
Personal Jesus - released 6.4.2007
Crazyman - released 6.4.2007
Forgotten Ones - released 6.4.2007

The album is dead as we know it. The album itself was a response to the medium it was distributed on. The Album is Dead is how albums will be in the future, released as Music Collections. Releases as they are complete (sometimes minutes after the final mix is approved), not a marketing campaign with a date 5 months in the future. All songs released online, for free. Download the songs, and put the songs in order as you wish. Include the ones you love. New tracks all the time, so check back often. (original message on website)

The Album is Dead has been an attempt to release music in a completely new way. Through successive generations of media, the way music is presented and obtained by people has changed rapidly. The Album is Dead has attempted to let the listener enjoy in the creation of a Music Collection one track at a time.  The songs are released when they are completed (sometimes minutes after the final mix is approved). There isn't a marketing campaign with a date months in the future to coincide with the release of press materials, or copies of the album in stores. All songs are released online, for free.  The  Album is Dead is an anti-album, and has attempted to show there are other ways of accessing and sharing music.  This album is maybe a more refined version of the January 2007 project, spread out over time.